Welcome to RC Satellite

RC SATELLITE is here for you as your professional radiology & imaging centre, our goal is to provide Quality Service and that to Close to Home. We achieve this as we provide compassionate, high-tech services at our centres. And hence we have started RC SATELLITE Diagnostic & Imaging Centre, where we do all the X-Ray & CT Scan under one roof. We take great pride in presenting our services and outstanding professionals who staff our diagnostic centres. The well being of the patient is their primary focus.Regardless of how good we are, there can be no status quo in healthcare. Our centres are continually evaluating and responding to the ever-changing needs of our community. We have seen many changes over the years and we realize that there will be much more to come.

RCSatellite Imaging Centre

In a span of just 2 years, RC SATELLITE have done tie-up with 81 hospitals & the count goes up on increasing and has established seven exclusive diagnostic centres with each centre offering hi-tech facilities. And we are keen in spreading our centres throughout the state.

At RC SATELLITE, we use only state-of-the-art machines managed by highly experienced technologists and radiologists. We strive to provide our patients with the highest-quality information to help you and your doctor make the right decisions about your most precious possession-your health.

Why Us :

  • Same day X-ray service and Reports.
  • Available for home visits.
  • Able to X-Ray bedridden and frail patients.
  • Professional
  • Proud of our high-quality X-ray.
  • Emergency call can be executed on priority basis.
  • Quick Service :

  • Call our special number.
  • Our executive will understand your requirement.
  • The special van will reach your place a the specified time.
  • Our technician will set up the unit by the patient's bed.
  • He will do the required X-Ray, quickly and efficiently.
  • Returning to the van, he will get the out put and the report.
  • No need to shift the patient any where !
  • Home delivery of X-Ray film and report by courier
  • Highlights :

  • Reliable, rapid response service.
  • Available 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  • Qualified, caring staff.
  • High quality digital X-Ray.
  • Facility e-mailing reports.
  • Report available in hard or soft copy.
  • Same day X-ray Service and Report.
  • Emergency call can be executed on priority basis.
  • Our Story

    The name RC SATELLITE was originated from Mr. RAHUL CHAUDHARI’s thoughts, SATELLITE means a person who serves another being. That was the moment of his life where he dared to establish his own firm in which he vowed to serve his patients with world class medical treatment and spread his business in each and every field of Health Industry. RC SATELLITE was established in January, 2016. RC SATELLITE’s Diagnostic and imaging centre has set a benchmark in the medical diagnostic arena. One man believed in this dictum, and he created history. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Radiology and a job experience of over 6 years, came with his vision of setting up his own business. Talking about his academics he got his Master’s degree from DEVI MAHALAXMI PYRAMEDICAL COLLEGE, Bhandup. On the basis of his academics he applied and got admission for MBA in Hospital Management and Administration in APOLLO HOSPITAL, Hyderabad. Later, he started his career as an intern in GURUNANAK DHARMARTH HOSPITAL, Surat with just a stipend of Rs.600 per month for a year. His second internship was with BALAJI DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE for 6 months. His Third profile was as a CT scan/X-ray/OPG/Mammography technician at SPECTRUM DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE for one year. Following to that he worked in RAIS DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE for two years. With all these achievements he was a pro in his field and later he abled to manage the whole Radiology Department for two years in RAYS DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE.

    After so much of work experience that was the moment for him to set up his own empire, he actually brought more - extraordinary zeal, huge confidence, a powerful willingness to benefit society at large, and a dream to place MUMBAI at the zenith of Radiological & Imaging facilities in India. Real-time work began with only one 30MA X-Ray machine, but Mr. RAHUL CHAUDHARI used vision and leadership, service-above-self, dynamic and professional teamwork, state-of-the-art technologies, and continuous up gradation and modernization to create an outstanding institution. End-of-the-line focus and primary goal was - to strive to obtain and deliver the most accurate diagnostic results possible. Our dynamic team of RC Satellite rivals the best available anywhere. The entire staff is dedicated, inspired by the energy of hope, and is committed to go all the way to provide meaningful solutions for our customers and patients. While the vision of one man becomes his reality, a far greater achievement was when that vision became everyone's reality. RC SATELLITE has never stood as a symbol of the culmination of private desire; it has come to personify an evolving dream, which seeks ever-expanding horizons, greener pastures and more wealth of everyone's health. Success is not the destination for RC SATELLITE; it is a way of life.